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As Prescribed

by Joel Gonzalez

Feeling the Ave.
The systems are down
and the radiator is shot.
Living in times like these,

I would extend my hand to gratitude whenever it was available,
numb from Crown Royal and Paxil.
Thank you doctor for extending my prescription.
Make me feel alive again, how many...Read More »

False Song For Robert Creeley

by Gray Tolhurst

going out
a relative happiness

to understand
the waves
as a small shift

in the earth’s mood

often days
like this
lying awake

I can’t remember
what I’ve said
and face the wall

she is silent
loves me
a little less
each day


say the mind
is this orange ball.

what does it meanRead More »


by Danielle Zahm

The pages are shredded, corners of white under the dresser.

He’s at school, 5th grade, Mrs. Ricco. The bus’ll come later, but now he’s at school and he ruined my Green Eggs and Ham.

Mom’s on the phone downstairs in the kitchen with Aunt Maryellen. She says she can’t take...Read More »

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