The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot. Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. Paradise Lost by John Milton. Virigil’s Aenied. All of these are enlightening collections of poetry that can be life-altering. They might take a little while to read, though. So here’s a list of some shorter poetry series and collections that have been previously published on NoiseMedium. They’re enlightening. They’re impressive. They’re easier to digest than a full book of poetry.

Three Poems by John Leo

Perhaps this is the shortest collection on the list. The type I would read with a warm beverage in front of the fireplace and reflect upon throughout the night.

Three Poems by John Leo


Multum in Parvo by Niko Nelson

Here’s an epic series that was also one of our grand prize winners. Multum in Parvo brings to life the deprived west-coast landscape that’s fueled by low-quality coffee, dead fish, air planes, etc.

Multum in Parvo


Tribute Poems by Nkululeko Zondi

A series that comes to us from South Africa, which begins with heartbreak, becomes motivational, begins to feel empowering, then finishes with joy and hope. Wonderful poetry.

Tribute Poems

Of Poppies and Anemones by Shelley Lau

I wish I saw more sonnets these days. Shelly Lau wrote this truly beautiful series of ornate sonnets about life in war:

Of Poppies And Anemones

Five Conversations I Can No Longer Bear to Have by Annie Zaidi

Although Annie Zaidi says she can no longer bear to have these conversations about war and politics, she does so in a poignant way in this collection.

Five Conversations I Can No Longer Bear to Have


A Scribble by Katie Brown

Three poems about the changes a life takes on as one grows up, memorialized by a tattoo. Photographs included:

A Scribble

Transcontinental by Lucas Gonzalez

Initially, we were set to publish only one part of Transcontinental. Then Mr. Gonzalez kindly sent us a message to inform us that there were two more parts to the poem. We’re really glad he did because this collection is nothing short of epic.