By  Margaret McDonald

Society gave birth to a man;
not a person, but an idea,
and then raised him.

Society created woman
from a broken piece of ribcage
of biblical descent
that the idea of men was protected by.

We are both their children.

Men threw tantrums and screamed noise where
women sat quiet, and were told to shut up.
Men broke things, told lies and blamed it on women. Society
believed him.

Because we are the story of the girl
who is only born
to be a donor for her sister.
We are the younger sibling
that can never compare.

We were created for men,
from the framework of this idea,
made from the bone and sinew
that was stolen from him.

Society never expected to love us,
because they never gave us a voice.
We stitched our vocal chords together,
taught ourselves how to speak.
Yet it’ll never be enough. I’m sorry,
but it will never be enough.
Because society never loved men more,
they just loved him first.