At NoiseMedium, we pride ourselves on the quality writing that we are so privileged to receive. Sometimes we feel like the cool works in other mediums, like photographs, paintings, illustrations, videos, etc., fall through the cracks. So here are 11 visual and audio contributions you should check out right now.

Stripped by Caroline Reed

This surreal, minimalist masterpiece by Caroline Reed quickly became a top post in r/art one day.


Anatomy of a Life by Felicia Chavez

Real. Perhaps too real. This short audio documentary features Jennifer McReynolds discussing her experience as a medical examiner and all of the tough, bizarre realities that come with the job.

Anatomy of a Life

Living Art: Animals by Charles Mackenzie

The way Charles Mackenzie plays with the coloring and layering of photographs makes everything pop in the most wonderful way. The purple warthog is a personal favorite.

Living Art: Animals

Just 15 Min Away from Jozi by Philile Masuku and Thekise Mokoni

This artistic South African documentary follows the life of one garbage collector who lives on the fringes of society.

Just 15 Min Away from Jozi

Gemma, Garden Hose, and Can of Tuna by Alli Stobart

A fun, funky set of illustrations that look like a pages from a psychedelic comic book. Have fun with these ones.


Garden Hose

Can of Tuna

Dear You by Cassandra Loh

This short art film comes to us from Singapore and highlights the successes and failures of dating in the online era—especially through Tinder.  

Dear You

Who Knows and Facts by Mark Melnicove

Half art, half poetry. These offer credence to the saying “less is more.”

Who Knows


Reality Ends Here by Tom Gianakopoulos

This photograph gives me the same warm feeling I get when I’m watching a really good indie film.

Reality Ends Here