Today, we’re going to take a break from our normal publication so we can, once again, highlight the excellence of our grand prize winners. Another round of applause, please.

A Real Girl by Katie Prout

“Of course, to be unmade is also to be made into something new.” This grand prize-winning essay is a beautifully written narrative about building oneself up, intertwined with Katie Prout’s strange, but poetic obsession with Lana del Rey.

Grand Prize Winning Essay: A Real Girl

Multum in Parvo by Niko Nelson

This series of poems brings to life a deprived west-coast landscape. Complete with coffee, milk, dead fish, and e-cigarettes. Enjoy.

Multum in Parvo

To Be An Orc by Jim Pascual Agustin

It’s not easy being green…and it’s not easy being covered in makeup and latex and dying in every scene in which you’re filmed.

To be an Orc

Who We Are When We No Longer Are What We Did by Judy Catterton

At one point or another, everyone must come to terms with the fact that we all must change with age, no matter how much we would like to stay the same. This narrative is a necessary look into letting one’s soul expand and letting one’s life come full circle.

Who We Are When We No Longer Are What We Did


Blow by David J. Marsh

Our first grand prize winner, “Blow” is a well-crafted note to Eddie about how he should precisely clear the leaves off of the house and out of the yard. Thanks for taking care of things, Eddie.