Category: Treatises

Home on the Highway

By Emily Gammon It begins with Le Corbusier, a Swiss architect and town planner. Paris, 1920s.  His utopia, functionalism.  His tactics, divisive.  The automobile is taking over. Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris finds himself an...

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My Father Told Me

By Jasmine Stein My father has never been a withholding kind of man, but he has chosen to tell me his stories sparingly. I have come to enjoy them in this way, like parts of a car to the whole. My father told me that when he...

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by Oscar Mancinas “I’d done too much to turn back, and I’d done too much to go on” -Caine, Menace II Society Transport Neither the desert nor the hood[1] are open areas, but their combined negation opens a space for survival....

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